• Mississippi River Commission Building

    Location: Vicksburg, CA Cost: $11.2 M Size: 51,000 SF

  • Greenville Spartanburg Conrac Parking Garage

    Location: Greenville, NC Cost: $72.5M Size: 676,869 SF

  • Seattle-Tacoma International Arrivals Facility

    Location: Seattle, WA Cost: $968M Size: 450,000 SF

  • Green Build Gallery at San Diego Airport

    Location: San Diego, CA Cost: $1B Size: 460,000 SF

  • Salt Lake City International Airport

    SLC Masterplan Total Value of Contract: $740K | (Program $1.9B) Contract Duration: 4 Years Client: R. W. Block Consulting

  • John F. Kennedy International Airport

    JFK Delta Terminal 4 Renovation and Addition Total Value of Contract: $2M | (Program $1.2B) Contract Duration: 5 Years Client: Delta Airlines/PANYNJ